Valentine’s Day Stencil Crush Tuesday™ 2/14

Hi Everyone and Happy Valentine’s Day and of course welcome to this weeks Stencil Crush Tuesday Post so happy you are here!! 🙂

So most of you are probably thinking that I have this mushy “Love” project for all of you today for Stencil Crush Tuesday™ since it is falling on Valentine’s Day.  Well although I have to admit that I am without a doubt a true hopeless romantic that is not the kind of project I have in store for you today.  Instead I chose to share a few tips and tricks of mine using one of my great “art loves” Gelli Printing and 3 of my favorite stencils that I love for Gelli printing.

There are TONS of gelli printing videos out there for sure and all of them fabulous and I don’t pretend to be the “amazing Gelli Print” artist because I’m probably more of a novice after seeing what many others do, but one of the things I love to create Gelli Prints for is my art journal backgrounds, collage elements, embellishments and just because they are pure fun to make.  So this is my take on some “simple and fun” gelli printing with my favorite StencilGirl Stencils, I hope that it gives you some fun ideas and inspires you just to get out that gelli plate and have fun!! (there maybe a couple little added surprises in there , but you will have to watch and see 😉

Stencils used in todays video are:

Clustered Leaves – Cecilia Swatton

Fractured Glass – MaryBeth Shaw

Circles Circles – Traci Bautista

Just look at all these delicious Gelli Prints, Loving them all!!

Here are a few close ups of some of my favorite prints during this printing session.

All of these stencils can be found at (and also if you click on any of the above they will take you directly to that stencil.)  Be sure to follow me on Instagram and Facebook as I will be sharing, in the weeks to come, projects I created using these beautiful gelli prints!

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Also a reminder we are only half way through the month for Feburary’s Art Stash Challenge on Instagram if you want to get in on the fun and be inspired you can join us here  and check out the details on this post here .  This month’s Prompt is FLORALS, super easy, super fun, so join in, be inspired and start creating using your “Stash”!!  Hope to see you over on Instagram creating!!

See you next week for Stencil Crush Tuesday 🙂

Much Peace and Love always!  xxoo Sherry



Stencil Crush Tuesday™ 2-7-17 

Hi friends as promised today we are having our Stencil Crush Tuesday™ video. Yesterday the Jessica Sporn Creative team had an amazing Love / DecoArts blog hop so if you missed you can check it out here, there are amazing videos and projects and a fabulous giveaway.

For today’s video I was kinda feeling the “love” theme still but with a little different vibe. One of the things I have always done on any card to my husband is write at the bottom xxoo so you will see in the video where I’m taking this and I love how it turned out. Hope you enjoy it!!  Be sure to subscribe to my YouTube channel here so you won’t miss any of my videos.

Here is a list of the stencils used in today’s video:

Santiago – Nathalie Kalbach

Batik – Nathalie Kalbach

River Rocks – MaryBeth Shaw

Heart Flower 6 Stencil – Terri Stegmiller


Also in case you missed it my amazing friend and artist, Leslie Ackman, featured me on her blog Monday here you can read all about it and here is a special video tutorial I created for her Art Journal Love Class she has going on right now. Find out all the details on the free art journal class here.

And one last thing if you are on Instagram be sure to check out the new Art Stash Challenge  being held by the Artist Stash Challenge Team:  Karen Gaunt and myself.  February’s Prompt is Florals which is SUPER fun!!!  Here are all the details, I sure hope you can join in the fun!!!:


Thanks so much for stopping my friends and sharing your precious time with me xxoo much peace and happiness to all of you.

Love / DecoArts Hop


Good Morning friends and welcome to the Jessica Sporn Designs Love / DecoArts Blog hop today I am hopping along with these amazing artists: Jessica Sporn , Karen Gaunt , Kristin Van Valkenburgh , Marit Barentsen ,  and Denise Alloca

And of course what would a blog hop be without an amazing giveaway?  The blog hop give away is this beautiful 7 Hearts Stencil shown below.  All you have to do is leave a comment here on my blog and then hop on over to the other Artists blogs see their gorgeous artwork and leave comments for chances to win.


The project I have to share with you today is Love themed in a Shabby Chic style and  centers on a quote that ended up coming up with since I couldn’t find one that I really liked.  And since Valentine’s day is about love I think it’s important to remember to love yourself so this is the quote on my page today:

“Your Love is Precious

Don’t Forget to give it

to the most important

Person in your life…..


-Sherry Canino

Hope you enjoy watching the process of this art journal page

If you are interested in purchasing the stencils used in today’s video you can find them here:  Eastern Leaf, Lotus and Flower Repeat and Becoming





Thanks for visiting my blog and taking time out to watch my video, I do hope you enjoyed it,  Don’t forget to leave a comment below to be entered to win that gorgeous stencil and then stop over to see more amazing art work on these artists blogs and leave comments for more chances to win:   Jessica Sporn , Karen Gaunt , Kristin Van Valkenburgh , Marit Barentsen ,  and Denise Alloca   Comments close 9/13 at 9AM EST

The Winner will be announced on Jessica’s Blog on 9/14 at 9AM EST

Due to our Team blog hop today Stencil Crush Tuesday will happen on Wednesday (tomorrow) 2/8 – hope you will come back and join me for a super fun Stencil Crush day!!

Wishing all of you much peace, love and happiness always !! xxoo Sherry

Art Journal Love – Mind Body and Soul Art Journal Group 

Hi Friends I’m so excited to share with you that today I am a featured artist on Leslie Ackman’s Blog. She is having this awesome free art journal class on her blog called “Art Journal Love” and you can find all the details along with my feature here. Also check out and join her amazing Facebook Group called Mind, Body and Soul Art Journaling.  I also have a special Mixed Media “Love ” tag tutorial for you as a little bonus. I hope you will enjoy it !!❤❤❤


Here are some close ups of the final project.

Thanks so much for stopping by and joining me today, hope to see you all over at the Mind, Body and Soul Art-Journaling Facebook Group.  Xxoo

Stencil Crush Tuesday™ 1-31

Hi Friends and welcome to another week of Stencil Crush Tuesday™.  This week when I started out I didn’t even have a slight idea in mind what I was going to create.  I of course had the stencils in front of me that I have been crushing on and had planned to use but this time not even a slight idea.  I pulled out a few stamps that I thought I might like to use as well and put them on the table in front of me.  Since my mind was completely blank as to what I would create I decided to use a gelli print I had in my stash to at least give me some direction with color – something to start with.  I enjoyed using some stamps that I haven’t used much and added some fun texture in a different way than the usual with a stencil and modeling paste.  So grab that coffee and lets get to it!

here are the links to the stencils used in today’s video:

Jessica Sporn Designs – Hearts Flowers and More (although this was not really part of the crush it was the background I used so want to be sure you can find it as it’s an amazingly beautiful stencil !!)

Terri Stegmiller – Heart and Grid Stencil

Carolyn Dube – Rembrandt’s Words Small Stencil

Here a few close ups and the final piece.

Yummy texture here:

Yummy drips

The quote says To Live a Creative Life, One must lose fear of being wrong

-Joseph Chilton Pearce

I love how the Rembrandt’s Word Stencil just gives it a bit of a vintage look


I wanted to share with all of you in case you missed my last post the All New : 

Artist Stash Challenge Team 

I have teamed up with Artist:  Karen Gaunt from Ireland  and we are creating Free Monthly Challenges on Instagram. Be sure to follow us both on Instagram. Here is the link to my instagram and Karen’s  , below is the graphic you will see monthly on our Instagram Accounts with the new prompt, and it also gives you the details of participating.  Of course if at any time you have any questions you can ask either Karen or myself, this is just purely for fun and to keep us inspired to keep creating!!.

Thank you for joining me for another Stencil Crush Tuesday and don’t forget to subscribe to my channel so you won’t miss an episode.  

Join me on  Jessica Sporn Designs for my Creative Team Post this Thursday. 

Happy Creating friends and lots of peace and love going out to all of you from me!! xxoo 

Introducing the Artist Stash Challenge Team

Good Morning Friends I’m super super excited to share some fun news with all of you.  Who out there LOVES Challenges – Prompts – and Things to keep us inspired and creating????  Well I hope all of you do as much as We do, I would like to introduce to you the new

Artist Stash Challenge Team

Sherry Canino


Karen Gaunt

Karen Gaunt and I have teamed up to bring you monthly stash challenges with fun prompts to keep you inspired.  These challenges will take place on Instagram soooo if you don’t have an account what are you waiting for???  Sign yourself up for one and lets get to having some fun!! (for those who are new to Instagram if you can do Facebook, this is way way easier believe me) just post a pic and use a hash tag (#).

Each month – On the 1St  of the month we will have a fun prompt, which you will be able to find on our post that includes the photo below (which also has all the details of how to participate).   Our first prompt will be posted on our Instagram February 1st, (2/1) and you will have a whole month to create something using all that fabulous stash you have collected over the years!  This is a fun way to Stay inspired, Connect with others who want to create art and share the love of creating together!!  So I hope you will all join us in these challenges.

Here are our instagram accounts:  Sherry Canino , Karen Gaunt

A little about the Amazing and Talented Artist Karen Gaunt:

Karen and I are teammates on the Jessica Sporn Designs Creative Team and Karen is also a part of the StencilGirl Products Creative Team.  Here is her blog so you can check out some more of her amazing work. (and she also happens to be one of the most Sweet, creative and amazingly supportive artist and friend!!!)

Stencil Crush Tuesday 1/24/17

Hi Friends, I’m back with a new Stencil Crush Tuesday and this week I delve into creating your own embellishments out of scrap papers and using them on a project.

Wow it’s hard to believe that we are almost to the end of January.  Typically January seems like the longest month of the year and yet here we are in the last full week of the month.  This weeks project are some collaged art tags and I truly am trying to mix it up for all of you but Damn I’m just in love with these water color crayons and collage haha.  This weeks video does have a twist to it and I think you will like it but it’s a bit longer than my other videos so hang in there (I did try to edit out as much not needed “stuff” as possible to shorten it up).  So without further ado here is this weeks Stencil Crush Tuesday Video, I hope you enjoy!!

Links below on where you can find these gorgeous stencils and stamps.

Here are a few close ups to see the details on the tags and the little embellished circles.

Here are the links to the stencils and stamps used in today’s video:

Gigi Stencil, Fingal Flower & Leaf stencil, Butterfly Journeys, and Mary C. Nasser’s Stamps

These circles would be awesome for planners and for your art journals, you could run them though a sticker machine and turn them into stickers (put them on a piece of deli paper or waxed paper and have them ready to use).  Backing up to give you an idea of where the inspiration came for these, I was in Michael’s over the weekend (I went to get the new Jane Davenport watercolor markers and of course they were out) so walking around I saw all this new planner and art journal “stuff”.  Everything from paper, to washi tape to die cuts and stickers.  Well there were these gold seal stickers that just jumped out at me and I almost bought them but I refrained because I almost never use stickers after I buy them.  And I was like I could make some custom ones that I can use in my art.  And now that I have I want to make more lol, they are so easy and fun and just a relaxing and fun way to spend a few minutes creating when you don’t have tons of time.  They also help you use up your scraps so there is an added bonus at least to me, as I always have a HUGE bin of scraps that I just can’t toss because I always feel like it would be a waste and I just have to be more creative on ways to use them up.  So enjoy using up them scraps and creating your one of a kind embellishments.  If you do create some please post a link here in the comments so that I can see what fun creations you have made.  Thank you all for sharing your precious time with me!  Peace and Love to you all xxoo



Stencil Crush Tuesday 1-17-17

Hi creative friends, I’m excited to share with you this weeks Stencil Crush Tuesday video.  A couple things I wanted to share with all of you first thank you so very much for all the kind comments on my videos and on my blog, it has truly meant a lot to me because when I create these videos I may have an idea in mind but not always.  Many times it’s just me loving certain stencils and playing to see what they can do, so you will see things like me deciding or changing my mind during the video – I try to edit out some of the decision making and such to keep it to a nice length to watch where you don’t have to commit to tons of time but some of it gets left because it’s me sharing not just these gorgeous stencils with you but my process of creating (which yeah can be a bit odd at times lol)

The stencil I’m crushing on this week just kinda “Popped” out at me the other day.  I was actually picking up my art table and putting away some stencils I had out and I hadn’t a clue what stencil or stencils were going to be featured this week when one fell out of the bag I was holding.  When I saw it I was like OMG I love this stencil – yes I hate to say that I have so many that some have not been used yet, some I forget about and so on.  So here was this beauty laying on my table begging to be used.  (back tracking a bit) my Hubby went in for surgery to repair a hernia Thursday very early morning so I knew that I would probably be stressed trying to get this video done when I hadn’t even thought about it when Sunday rolled around.  Having a few hours to myself while he took a nap I pulled out a sheet of water color paper got my camera out and started taping.  When I went to edit the video I was like what the heck is the name of this stencil – I knew it was one by MaryBeth Shaw but when I went to look for it on the site I couldn’t find it.  I went to look at the numbers on it that code it for easy look up and WAAAAA it’s a StencilGirl Club Stencil.  Yup that’s right this baby is an exclusive – so you can get this stencil still but you have to join the club to do so – honestly it’s so worth it (an no one is paying me or telling me to say this it’s strictly my opinion) I love StencilGirl Club.  You get exclusive videos by the artists each month as well as the 3 monthly stencils and access to the private FB group and now the opportunity to be a part of their Pintrest Board where you can pin your StencilGirl Club art.  So here is the link if you want to check it out and this weeks STENCIL CRUSH is Stencil:  SC 04-2016 (from April of 2016).

So I have been long winded here on this post so lets get to the video 🙂

here is the completed art journal page


and a few detailed shots:

Thanks so much for joining me today and for taking time out of your busy schedule to stop by my blog and share some creative time with me.  I will be back next Tuesday for another fabulous Stencil Crush.  Have an amazing day !!! xo – Sherry

Stencil Crush Tuesday 1-10-17

Hi friends hope everyone has been enjoying the new year so far. I’m big into the New Year being a fresh start and having new found hopes and dreams for the new year. This year I am doing LifeBook and I am thoroughly enjoying it. Honestly I wish I could just it and watch the videos, drink coffee and make art uninterrupted. HA!  Ok well a girl can dream. I have yet to even finish week one and we are already into a week 2, oh well so it goes. I will share what I’ve done so far at the end of this post, But for now this brings be to my newest art journal page that I created for Stencil Crush Tuesdays™.  One of the things that LifeBook encourages us is to think about are things that we want to take with us into the new year. So I came up with 3 that have meaning and importance to me.

  1. Peace
  2. Love
  3. Courage

Well Peace I guess that goes without saying but I want to not only have peace for myself and by this I mean inner peace but I want to bring peace to others in some way throughout 2017.

Love well yeah who doesn’t want love, I want to remember to love everyone for who they are and to spread love to those especially that feel unloved and need love.

Courage well here is the one that gets to be a tricky challenge for me. I want to have courage to really let go of things I can’t control and to try new things. I have taken a leap of faith with just starting this new tutorial series, which had been holding off on for over a year. Doing something new and putting yourself out there to be judged and critiqued is scary and believe me it took a lot of courage to do it. So without further ado here is this weeks video. I hope you enjoy and it!!

This weeks stencil crush stencils are:  Vines, by Jane LaFazio, Tribal Men, by Desiree Habicht, and Framed #1, by Margaret Applin Click on any one of these to take you to the link to purchase on

Here are some detailed pictures of the completed art journal page. Honestly I could have kept doodling but to keep the video within a reasonable amount of time I had to stop lol. Doodles really add a lot of fun and flair to your art, I also feel it really gives it that personal touch.

So back to where I am in my Lifebook lessons – I have completed the warm up lesson pictured below

I started the main lesson.  Here are a few progress pictures. The collaged background before paint.

And after paint – yummy I love those drips – I almost don’t want to cover it up 🙂

And the rough sketch of my girl.

These girls are quite a processs to complete so she may not be done until the weekend :).

Hope everyone has an enjoyable week ahead and hope you are back with me next week for another Stencil Crush Tuesday!!